Sunday, March 13, 2011


dear salvador,

it's been a little while since i last wrote.

for now enjoy this frankie poster.
and frank black with his son on the side.

Friday, January 21, 2011

I W I S H I T W E R E R E A L.

dear salvador,

that's why i love sleeping so much.
i was right. 
my dreams are much better than reality.
and that bittersweet feeling has arrived. 
knowing it won't happen, but hoping nonetheless. 
and what's scary is that i can actually remember this dream. i hope it can leave me alone.
i actually don't... it was a sweet dream. 

D R E A M O N.

well the blog title looks like one word (:

dear salvador,
© Rena Zheng 
sometimes i wonder why i refrain from sleeping earlier
the thing is i'm one of those ones
one of those
who wish to have a dream before i go to bed
just because i want to dream for an escape. and dream of something so surreal.
the bittersweet feeling of wanting something so unrealistic to be materialised.
to be real.
to be what i want it to be.
just like my dreams.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Y O U D I D N ' T T H I N K S O.

dear salvador,

you didn't think it could happen, but it does?
only in my wildest dreams - the dreams that only attempt to touch on your surrealism should i be able to find someone so close in thought to me as... let's just say, this cookies + cream ice cream for now.
honestly, i have yet to meet another person who is extremely physically active, and yet still condones drowning oneself in a good half tub of ice cream?

you should try convince me otherwise, mr dali.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

C O O L.

dear salvador, 

'coooool' in the most sarcastic tone is the best way to undermine 
something when one is feeling uncreative.
just saying.

T H E M A N W H O S O L D T H E W O R L D.

dear salvador,


is it alright if i pretend i'm in heaven on earth when cobain sings me to bed?
i know the song's by david bowie, but honestly, do you think i can just float off + imagine?
floydy don't hurt either.
i think it's plausible, dear sir.

N E W Y E A R.

dear salvador,

© Rena Zheng 

i'm wondering what you would do with a fresh start.
a blank canvas.
to weave a new web.
should i work on the old?
or aspire to be even greater with the new?

you are all i aspire to be.